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Vamphire stands for Video, Audio, Model and Photography Hire

We are an online community that offers news delivery services, portfolio hostage and other specialist services for the Media, Arts & Film industry worldwide. Our services are designed for individuals to large organisations within the media and entertainment industries. Please read our FAQ for more information. Public Shop

This is the public accessible shop, for any products, tickets and other things, like books, that we ( are offering to our registered users and unregistered visitors to the site. Click here to visit now.

PortFolio Hosting & NETWORKING

Develop your online profile on, via our portfolio hosting services.  Then connect with others and develop professional contacts within your field.  Please read or Services page for more information.


Some of our profile types offer our users the chance to sell directly to the industry, as well as other ways to generate cash.  You will have the opportunity to set the price or go with our recommended price systems. Other profile types have other cash generation systems designed for the service/s you offer.


News is supplied by our reporters and photographers and can be tailored to fit your requirements. News coverage is anything, from local to international news. We aim to offer a range of options for publishers to access both free content and paid content delivery services. on YouTube

Who runs is owned by PBT Media Relations Ltd.  We are based in just outside Liverpool, in the UK.  Our contact information is located on our Contact Page


We have a range of opportunities on offer. Please contact us via for more information.

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