General Ethics within the media, arts, TV and film industry

General Ethics

At we encourage all our members to act as a community and work together, not against each other. Below you can find some basic moral principals we ask all our members to uphold. Always remember to treat others the same way you want to be treated.

Be honest with yourself and others about what you can do, recognise your abilities and the limitations of your competence;

◆ Always behave and present yourself in a way that does not call into question your suitability to work in a media and arts related environment;

◆ Be able to justify and be accountable for your actions or your omissions;

◆ Establish and maintain clear and appropriate professional boundaries in your relationships with people, including clients and colleagues, at all times;

◆ If you a news gatherer, never accept any offers of loans, gifts, benefits or hospitality from anyone you are in contact with, as this may be seen to compromise your position, unless declared, in order to be transparent;

◆ Always treat people with respect and compassion;

◆ Always maintain the privacy and dignity of people;

◆ Always make sure that your actions or omissions do not harm an individual's health or wellbeing. You must never abuse, neglect, harm or exploit those who use your services;

◆ Challenge and report dangerous, abusive, discriminatory or exploitative behaviour or practice;

◆ Always take comments and complaints seriously, respond to them in line with agreed ways of working;

◆ Work openly and co-operatively with clients and treat them with respect;

◆ Honour your work commitments, agreements and arrangements and be reliable, dependable and trustworthy;

◆ Actively encourage the delivery of high quality service and support at all times;

◆ Communicate respectfully with people who use your services in an open, accurate, effective, straightforward and confidential way;

◆ Treat all information about your clients as confidential;

◆ Only discuss or disclose information about your clients in accordance with legislation and agreed ways of working;

◆ Respect the individuality and diversity of your clients and colleagues;

◆ Never discriminate or condone discrimination against people who use your services or your colleagues;

◆ Promote equal opportunities and inclusion for your colleagues and clients;

◆ Keep an eye out on any abuse taking place and report it in accordance with your countries protection of venerable persons rules/laws, should it be required;


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