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Safety and SecuritySafety Online and Offline

Below are several websites that offer practical safety advice that our users might find very helpful.


  • The UK Safer Internet Centre offers advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe on the internet.

  • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is a charity that campaigns and works in child protection in the United Kingdom.


  • Childline - This link takes you to advice for both adults and children provided by a UK based charity that helps protect children in the UK.


  • United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) are part of the Department of Homeland Security. They provide  information and allow you to report incidents of Phishing, Malware or Vulnerabilities as well as giving advice and tools you can use to help keep safe online.


  • An American based website that provides information on educational topics and resources.


  • The UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) is a group of more than 200 UK organisations that work in partnership to help keep children safe online.



It might be worth also looking at our 'Social Network Security' advice page for some safety tips.



Press and media regulators.Media Regulators
National/International Media Regulation Authorities

Across the world governments establish agencies to regulate the media and it's always a good idea to know the rules, especially when you are working within the media. Below is a small list of links to TV, broadcasting and other media regulation authorities around the world. 

Print and Online Media



Australian Press Council

  • The Australian Press Council (APC) is responsible for promoting good standards of media practice, community access to information of public interest, and freedom of expression through the media in Australia.  It covers newspapers, magazines and associated digital outlets.



Newspapers Canada - Journaux Canadiens

  • Newspapers Canada provides a range of services to its members, advocating on their behalf and increasing the profile of the industry with advertisers, government and other stakeholders.



The Indian Newspaper Society

  • The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) acts as the Indian Newspaper Publishers Association. It promotes and safeguards the business interests of its members and also makes rules to govern the conduct of its members.


South African

The South African National Editors Forum (SANEF)

  • Print and Digital Media South Africa (PFMSA) is an umbrella body incorporating print and digital media. Currently the PDMSA membership includes more than 700 newspaper and magazine titles that cater for 4 different language groups. It is dedicated to promoting a free and independent press through close interaction with members and by working together across print and digital media.


P&D Media South Africa

  • The South African National Editors' Forum (Sanef) is a non-profit organization who are committed to championing South Africa's hard won freedom of expression and promoting quality, ethics and diversity within the Country's media.


British (UK)

IMPRESS - (Independent Press Regulator)

  • IMPRESS (The Independent Monitor for the Press) is the first truly independent press regulator in the UK. It covers all written journalism online and offline and works in a Community Interest Company that has the power to decide on complaints which UK publishers cannot resolve.


IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)

  • IPSO - The Independent Press Standards Organisation is an independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK.


TV and Radio

Regulatory bodies for broadcast media. It is worth noting that some of these also control regulation of internet media operations as well.








EUROPE  (EU and Non-EU members)


National and International Media Organizations

The Committee to Protect Journalists

  • Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is one of the most professional and respected media freedom organisations in the world.



The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

  • The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is the world's largest organisation of journalists, representing around 600.000 members in 134 countries.



The National Union of Journalists

  • National Union of Journalists (UK and Ireland), best known as the NUJ, is a trade union for journalists founded in 1907. It is the main voice for journalists and journalism within the UK with more than 38,000 members.



  • Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA) is a professional association for working journalists throughout the British Commonwealth, that covers journalists working in print, broadcasting and online. The aim of the group is to raise their status and quality. The CJA has branches in some Commonwealth countries and members in all of the British Commonwealth member states.



World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC)

  • World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) is an international community of around 4,000 members, in more than 115 countries.



International Press Institute (IPI)

  • International Press Institute (IPI) is a global organization of editors, media executives and leading journalists who are dedicated to the protection of press freedom.



Article 19

  • Named after Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 works worldwide to combat censorship by promoting freedom of expression.


Article 19

  • Danske Modeller (DaMo) - This model Union was founded in 2010 by a group of Danish models. The Union works to protect the models’ labour rights, including issues related to:- health, child labour, wages, legal protection, and working conditions.


Article 19

  • Equity is an independent trade union based in the UK for the performers and models, working within the entertainment industry.  They are supported by the BBC, Sky, ITV along with the likes of the British Fashion Council, the Association of Model Agencies, and the Greater London Authority top name just a few.


Article 19

  • The Model Alliance is a US based nonprofits organization, that is fiscally sponsored by the Centre for Transformative Action. Its aims to help promote:- fair treatment, equal opportunity and sustainable practices within the fashion and modelling industries..




Publishing and registration

The International ISBN Agency

  • The International ISBN Agency is the registration authority for the Easily recognizable identity registration system that is found on all kinds of books. The International Standard Book Number is key to an efficient and effective book supply chain, used on a global basis.



Creative Commons

  • Creative Commons is a global charity supported by thousands of individuals who believe that sharing and collaboration are key to building a thriving commons with the power to spark new ideas and solve global challenges.



Visas and immigration

If you are going abroad, we strongly recommend checking with your travel provider for all information about the location you are visiting or going to be working in. For extra information, please have a look at the websites below:-

Visas and immigration information supplied by a business called VisaCentral Switzerland Ltd.



Psychological Support Services

Sadly depression and heart attacks are the biggest killers of those in the media.   If you are working in the media industry, the pressure can be very high and that can lead to major psychological issues. This is especially apparent for those who have personal attacks made on their character or appearance, say models being told they are too fat or too slim. Bullying can negatively impact mental health and well-being, which can lead to long lasting depressions and, in worse cases, to suicide.

Another psychological trauma can be caused by seeing or hearing a horrific situation. For example, if you are a news reporter, you might whiteness a fatality or any other disturbing scenes that you won't be able to shake easily from your thoughts.

Having a job within the media industry also often requires working long, anti-social hours. That can sometimes result in sleep deprivation and seriously affect your well being. It is not just work related issues, personal issues like fallings of isolation can creep in, along with debt issues and even bereavement, all of them or just one of them can affect your ability to work and more importantly your physical and mental health. If things are getting you down, never let them get out of hand. See your doctor or a psychiatrist for help.


Don't let it be you... If you feel upset, stop and talk!


If you need to talk and you are in the UK & Republic of Ireland

Both in Ireland or the UK, if you are in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide or know anyone who is suicidal, you should call:- 999 or 112 now and receive help from trained mental health professionals.  In UK you can also call:- 111.


Samaritans offer a crises service.  You don't have to be suicidal to call this charity!  They are available to talk to about anything all day, every day. Helping you to better understand and support people with mental health problems.  They are not religious. They will not impose any personal attitudes or beliefs on you. All calls are FREE and completely confidential.




116 123 (UK)
116 123 (ROI)


Mind is a registered charity in England and Wales, who provide mental health information support.



If you need to talk and you are in the America (USA)

If you are in America (USA) and you are in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide or know anyone who is suicidal, you should call:- 911 now and receive help from trained mental health professionals.

Other options for advice include:-

NSPL (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) This service offers its users FREE, confidential crisis counselling 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  You don't have to be suicidal to call!




Other countries

A full list of International Hotlines can be located via:- Suicide.Org who are a US based NON-PROFIT Organization.

First Aid Training

We cannot advise on the quality of individual training providers or the service they provide, but the links below, we hope, will help you to find a provider that can help you to learn first aid for your work and everyday life.


  • St John Ambulance. This is a leading First Aid Charity that provides health and safety training courses for thousands of companies, local authorities, and members of the public. Known also as SJA they operate internationally, in 40 countries, like the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.



  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has 2 globally recognized emblems - the Red Cross and the Red Crescent - This is the fastest way to find one of the 2 groups that covers your area.



Miscellaneous Links...

ASR Search Engine   British Newspaper Archive   Wikipedia

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